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hatha yoga in flow


Yoga for life in the 21st century! A hatha yoga form with flow and intention. Stretch your body and your mind will follow. Its a classic practice that will leave you stronger both inside and out.

Burn IT!

Strength + Hiit


The best possible combination to increase cardiovascular strength and muscular strength. Its a classic "circle" class with simple moves and focus on technique. We use weights, kettlebells and TRX and change intervals with conditioning exercises such as jump rope, high knees and mountain climbers. Guaranteed to help you "Burn IT" for up to 48 hours after class!

Yin Yoga

Linger in Asanas  


In Yin Yoga we are working with facia and ligaments, so we will stay and linger in asanas (yoga poses) for anywhere between 3-8 minutes depending on the pose. It is a mindful practice. Often during class you will find yourself in a state of complete relaxation.

Power Dance



A beautiful and expressive dance workout! Dance & conditioning influenced from TABATA training combined with the cool music and moves from Hip-Hop, House, DanceHall & MTV! With cardio intervals & strength exercises built into the class you will be burning up to 48 hours after class. 


Power Yoga

Strength + HIIT


We have created the ultimate workout! It will leave you sweaty, strong, long and lean. With cardio intervals built into the class you will be burning up to 48 hours after class. Combined with smooth yoga moves to increase agility and flexibility. 


Dance fitness


The original hip shaker! Dance to the rhythms of reggaton, salsa, merengue, soca, bachata and so much more! You won't leave without a smile on your face and happiness in your heart <3 

Yin / Yang

soft Energy + Mindfulness


A class with focus on the "now". A mix of Yin Yoga and traditional Hatha Yoga. Offered in the morning when it is most ideal for the body to do Yin and for an amazing kick-start to your day with a boost of Yang!

Yoga Flow

Qi Gong, yoga, pilates fusion    


A class that will leave you calmer, stronger and centered. Ideal for morning and mid-day, it will get your pulse going but not leave you over sweaty or over-tired if you need to return to work or have errands to run afterwards.

Prosecco Yoga

Last friday of the month  


This is our answer to AfterWork but with Yoga. Come enjoy a class and a mingel at the same time. Invite a friend or two! It's a light hearted-class with intention of "Letting Go". A little bubbly goes a long way...


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