Yin Yoga

Linger in Asanas  


In Yin Yoga we are working with facia and ligaments, so we will stay and linger in asanas (yoga poses) for anywhere between 3-8 minutes depending on the pose. It is a mindful practice. Often during class you will find yourself in a state of complete relaxation.

Global Yoga

Yoga for everyone


Yoga for life in the 21st century! A hatha yoga form with flow and intention. Stretch your body and your mind will follow. Its a classic practice that will leave you stronger both inside and out.

Burn IT!

Strength + Hiit


The best possible combination to increase cardiovascular strength and muscular strength. Its a classic "circle" class with simple moves and focus on technique. We use weights, kettlebells and TRX and change intervals with conditioning exercises such as jump rope, high knees and mountain climbers. Guaranteed to help you "Burn IT" for up to 48 hours after class!

Prosecco Yoga

Last friday of the month @1700  


This is our answer to AfterWork but with Yoga. Come enjoy a class and a mingel at the same time. Invite a friend or two! It's a light hearted-class with intention of "Letting Go". A little bubbly goes a long way...



Body Balance

Tai chi, yoga, pilates fusion    


Les Mills is the worlds leading group fitness provider. With cutting edge research and development. BodyBalance will make you calmer, stronger and centered. 

Power Yoga

Strength + HIIT


We have created the ultimate workout! It will leave you sweaty, strong, long and lean. With cardio intervals built into the class you will be burning up to 48 hours after class. Combined with smooth yoga moves to increase agility and flexibility. 


Dance fitness


The original hip shaker! Dance to the rhythms of reggaton, salsa, merengue, soca, bachata and so much more! You won't leave without a smile on your face and happiness in your heart <3 

Yoga Mind

Super soft + Mindfulness


A class with focus on the "now". No sun salutations just a beautiful time to reflect and gently move in and out of asanas. 


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If you have a clip card bring your clip card to the class with you.

To purchase a "Summer Studio" clip card. Please send payment using Swish or Bank Giro.

Leela Movement Company (Elaine Gustavsson) Swish 1235766340 or BankGiro 5096-0798

Once payment is received you will get a clip card to keep track of your progress.

Here are your clip card options available for use only at the Studio weeks 25-36 "Summer Studio" other courses and workshops are available on request and are not included in the studio card. Clips cannot be redeemed for cash value nor can they be used at a later time. Cancellation of classes less than 8 hours before class start will result in a loss of clip or a small fee of 120kr, you can choose. In case of sickness, a doctor's note may be required.

With reservation for changes. Class times may change or cancelled due to illness or low class participation (min pers 3 booked 5 hours before scheduled class start).

SOMMAR Erbjudande! 

v.25-36 (12 veckor)

Öppna klasser (KURSER och WORKSHOPS ingår ej)


20 klipp 1950kr

10 klipp 1350kr

5   klipp 750kr

185kr drop-in (i mån av plats, klippkort har förtur)


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