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Elaine Gustavsson

Dancer, yogi, personal trainer and all around happy person. She is set out to spread the joy she has for movement and linking this with a deeper sense of self. A philosopher at heart, she has found the perfect combination when it comes to training. Train with your soul, do more of what makes you happy. Love more. Dance more! PLAY! Ignite!

Elaine teaches the majority of the classes on the current schedule :-)


Sabina Oliw

"Dance with your heart and your feet will follow" - is her mantra! With a innate passion for dance, music and children she teaches and dances from the heart. Not only does she have heart and passion in her role as dance teacher she is soon to be a Registered Nurse. She graduates this term so we are all hoping she will have more time to teach even more dance classes for kids at the Leela Studio and maybe even a DanceHall class for the grown-ups by then! Stay tuned!

Sabina currently teaches children in grades 1-6 on Saturdays


Linn boman

Our “golden girl” Our SUNSHINE! Linn makes training and hard work EASY and fun! She has a finess for fitness, dance and technique. A long time instructor in many forms of training she has even once been a General Manager at well-renowned gym here on the West Coast. We are so proud to have her as a part of our instructor dream-team.

Linn currently teaches: PowerDance on Thursdays at 6pm


Samuel Boquist

So you think you can dance? When we first saw this young talent we bought we were watching that show. This 17 year old is currently attending Sinclair highschool studying performing arts. His favorite is Locking and Popping but has a long list of dance styles he performs. This past summer he performed at the opening ceremonies of Gothia Cup in Gothenburg and was seen at the annual Cultural Party (Kulturkram) in Gbg. He is happy to be able to inspire to the kids of the next generation and we are glad he’s decide to join our team!

Samuel has the Dance Crew on Monday afternoons for kids in grades 1-3 and 6-8

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Anna-Lena Cambert

Everybody’s favorite! She is a long time friend and Elaine’s right hand gal. Always ready to help out and lend a listening ear. She is a true talent, with classes in all areas from yoga to dance to pilates, she is a multi-talented instructor and a empathetic soul. We really don’t know what we would do without her… Long time instructor she is confident in her gift and it shows in her classes <3

Anna-Lena follows as an assist to destination-happenings and retreats both abroad and in Sweden. She is gladly hoping in and substitute teaching whenever possible.