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Our Story


Leela is a Sanskrit word meaning "play". As a yoga, dance, fitness and retreats concept, Leela Movement Company uses and encompasses the idea that the unfolding of the cosmos, including creation, destruction and recreation, is a dance, a product of divine joy and creative playfulness. We experience leela as the great adventure of discovery and of living life.

Company Logo

Lotus Flower

I may be a flower, but I’m also a beloved symbol in many spiritual practices. See, I’m a lotus, and in order to blossom, I have to grow through slime and pond scum. But I always bloom. When you act as a lotus flower the water and dirt gently run off of you. You are untouched, indifferent and at peace.

Elaine Gustavsson

Owner & Head of Operations

I have been in the dance and fitness business for almost my entire life. I started dancing at the age of three and followed through to this day!

Born and raised in Canada to first generation Italian immigrant parents. I learned about how it was to live a life of balance of pleasure and hard work. My father is an engineer and I seem to have inherited some of that gene that is ready on time and always willing to give my best. He has always been the original yogi but never knew it. Thankful to him for this.

I live and breathe for the passion of movement. I am addicted to the creativity it brings and helping others to feeling good and reach their goals. Also a bit of a science and philosophy nerd I love that my job can combine all of the central aspects of MIND; BODY & SOUL.

I've been a successful personal trainer for over 11 years. With Leela my goal is to branch out to help people live more healthy and balanced lifestyles. To organise retreats and special yoga/fitness events with heart. To attract more people to the fine art of loving life and loving themselves.

Here are a few of my credentials:

BFA-Hon. Dance and Exercise Science, York University, Toronto, 1998.

Licensed Personal Trainer, Can-Fit-Pro 2005.

Licensed Yoga Teacher (GlobalYoga 200hr) September 2015

Lic. Zumba®Fitness Instructor

Les Mills Nordic National Trainer (on sabbatical)