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Our Story


Leela is a Sanskrit word meaning "play". As a yoga, dance, fitness and retreats concept, Leela Movement Company uses and encompasses the idea that the unfolding of the cosmos, including creation, destruction and recreation, is a dance, a product of divine joy and creative playfulness. We experience leela as the great adventure of discovery and of living life.


Company Logo

Lotus Flower

I may be a flower, but I’m also a beloved symbol in many spiritual practices. See, I’m a lotus, and in order to blossom, I have to grow through slime and pond scum. But I always bloom. And so can you. Live with virtue during rough times and your heart will eventually know the sun.


Elaine Gustavsson

Owner & Head of Operations

I have been in the dance and fitness business for almost my entire life. I started dancing at the age of three and followed through to this day! I live and breathe for the passion of movement. I am addicted to the creativity it brings and helping others to feeling good and reach their goals. I've been a successful personal trainer for over 10 years. With Leela my goal is to branch out even further to freelance Fitness Consultant. To organise retreats and special yoga/fitness events with heart. I am also currently working as Trainer & Educator for Les Mills Nordic AB. Proudly a Reebok sponsored athlete. Here are a few of my credentials: Licensed Personal Trainer, Lic.Global Yoga Yogini, BFA-Hon. Dance and Exercise Science, York University, Toronto. Les Mills Nordic AB Trainer, Les Mills Instructor in BodyJam™, Sh'Bam®, Born To Move® & BodyBalance™ as well as a Lic. Zumba®Fitness Instructor.